I Can’t Stand the Mouthiness!

This isn’t me but, she’s got my feelings down to a “tee”

He’s 28 years old and mouths off like a preteen.

Sometimes, I just want to rear back and POW!

He doesn’t care how others feel. It’s all about him and his tiny world.

How can an adult with ADHD control themselves when they think nothing’s wrong? He’s okay but the rest of the world is off their rockers.

Most ADHD/ADD sufferers have more than one mental/learning problem.  The problem is getting it diagnosed early enough in life to deal with it.

In my case, the other problem wasn’t diagnosed and still hasn’t been.

All I know; my son’s people skill issues are severely flawed. He can’t keep friends. No one wants to be around a mouthy disrespectful know-it-all.  He’s come home with the snot beat out of him. What do I do…what do I do.

I don’t even want to be around him. I’d like to pick up something and deck him with it. Yet, I’m his Mom and can’t leave him to fend for himself.  He can’t take care of himself.

Not all people who suffer with ADHD/ADD are like my son. I know they can function somewhat normally but, oh, boy — I’ve got a doozy! He says he’s always angry, especially with me. I know he’s angry with me. He’s angry because I won’t cow-tow to his wishes.

This is my house, I’m Queen “B” around here and there’s no King.

I’m so very, very tired.

Here’s something I found on the net which, some what, addresses personal and work relationships for people with ADHD/ADD — GOOGLE BOOK ADHD/ADD

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2 Responses

  1. I’ve heard a lot of individuals of diagnosis ADHD struggle with the concept that there is indeed a problem. I myself was like that for…a while–then came to “I have the problem but tough toe-nails for everyone else!” then, finally at the point where I’m like “ok, I cannot argue with multiple psychiatrists–one, two, ok; but how many “quacks”, in the vernacular, are there? “I have a medical problem. Ok, so there are resources(chemical Rx as well as trips to the psychologist and psychiatrist) in the present day and age. Implement them,” I must constantly tell myself…still struggle with that every now and then. Possibly the cause of such thinking is that it’s INSTINCTIVE to blurt out and argue, spuring frustration from professors, peers, etc. so how is it “my” problem? Since most individuals, do indeed believe problems are caused by voluntary actions whereas something so..natural to us cannot be source of conflict to so many (we tend to believe).
    Oh, and response to the person who commented before me–I have professors who do that–it IS THEE MOST FRUSTRATING THING, EVER. It’s mildly offensive–feels as if they are treating me as if I’m 6 where I’m 18.

  2. Well my boyfriend sufferd from this and what you should do is just do not egnolig it and if it still persists start treating him like he acts and say ‘when you are ready to talk you can but until then i will give you a warning to keep your mouth shut befor we have some real problems’ then walk off it will work but dont say anything more than that because that will make him think you are not done and hes able to get to you but when you leave go into a room and eather cry for real realy loud or for fake(trust me it will work)

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