His Brain Switches Like a Remote Control

ding, ding, ding

ding, ding, ding

You can see him leave the planet. It’s as if he’s headed out towards the galaxy far, far away. It’s as if he’s rocketing up, up and away so he can swing from the rings of Saturn or orbit Neptune or Jupiter or some unknown planet.

I’m serious!

James’ eyes cut back and forth like an arcade game ball. You know, when you push the buttons and the paddles connect with little ball then, you hear a  “ding, ding, ding” while the little white ball goes back and forth back and forth.

Well, when my son’s eyes perform this amazing feat, means that “James has left the building” and his brain is switching channels so fast that you want to snatch the remote and take out the batteries.

I know you know what I mean. Picture your husband or boyfriend with a remote in his hand.  Yet, he constantly switches the channels looking for something to watch even though there’s already perfectly good program you’re watching.

Can you honestly say this doesn’t bug you?

Try living with a human remote. One minute they’re planning one activity then WHAM! all of a sudden they’re on to another subject.

This is a constant occurrence — no breaks.

Can you say that you wouldn’t be living in a continued state of frustration?

I can’t — I’m always frustrated and irritable

Yet, people like him are very intelligent. They have above average intelligence but, are under achievers.


These are suppose to be my Golden years — I didn’t know Gold rusted!


2 Responses

  1. Hi Mozart,

    I’m just blogging about things I go through every day. I’m sorry if it sounds like I’m complaining but, I want people to know that living with someone who is add/adhd is no picnic.

    You’re right…you all are passionate driven people.

    I wish I had your energy.

  2. Hello,

    I have adult adhd, primarily the inattentive variation. I am a grad student(psychology and social work), husband, and soon to be father… your blog posts are self-injurying. You may think that I’m one to talk, but you talk about adhd like its a curse, and that your son can’t help himself and he is disabled. If you keep looking for ways to explain your son’s issues through the scope of disease; you will always find disease.

    There are a number of ways to deal with adult ad/hd… and we aren’t just some freaks… the way you illustrate it in your blog. You probably won’t agree with how i feel about your post…I’m surprised my underachieving ability is able to write a coherent thought, but here I am.

    I understand; you want a sounding board to scream out your frustrations with dealing w/ adhd people… awesome!

    Don’t bill your blog as some place people can talk about adhd and grow when all you do is COMPLAIN.

    We are not victims.

    Exercise. Eating a healthy Whole food diet… and if need be medication is and has been working wonders… here’s a secret: most of the innovative minds of our generation if you look into their daily living they were candidates for adhd…. o yeah, and most ceo’s and entrepreneurs… so save it.

    People w/ adhd are passion driven… maybe he can’t stay on task because what he’s doing is boring…

    or… this might be crazy…. because his support system thinks he’s an ill man who can’t reach his goals..

    also, the NUMBER 1 way… as a social worker/ psych major to cope with mental illness isn’t coaching or therapy, the reason ADD STRENGTHS listed coaching first is because they want your money.

    The best way is to change your diet and exercise, and to have a gratitude journal. I can show you the journal articles and professionals(not “coaches”) to prove it.

    If I sound hostile, its meant that way. He has to take responsibility for his life. Agreed. You are his loving mother agreed. But if you are his primary source of mentoring and all you want to do is talk about how something is “wrong” with him.. he is more liable to fall into these traps.

    LIke i said, I have read what he did to you and I’m sorry that y’all got into a physical altercation, but two wrongs don’t make it right.

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