ADD/ADHD or Bipolar

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Now there’s a question.


Because ADHD and bipolar disorder do share some symptoms and sometimes coexist, children like Alex are commonly misdiagnosed. ADHD is a more common condition in children and often the first thing a doctor thinks of.

Which could he have. With adults it’s possible to be both.

“An adult with bipolar disorder can also have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, better known as ADHD. That’s what Timothy Wilens, MD, and colleagues at Massachusetts General Hospital found after careful study of 51 adults diagnosed with ADHD.” Read More —

Adult ADHD

With my son he’s up and down up and down. Some psychiatrist believe it could be Bipolar disorder. Many of them believe that ADD/ADHD is over-diagnosed.

If those educated in the field are at polar-opposites [pardon the pun] between the two then, how are we, as parents, suppose to know.

We’re trusting the professionals to know what they’re talking about.

When my son was in elementary school I had him to three different psychiatrist and they’ve all agreed that he is ADHD.

Well that’s wonderful, we knew what the problem was, dealing with it was the hurdle I never leaped over.

Me, as his mother believe that right now,  he could be suffering from bipolar disorder too.

When he hits bottom and is depressed, no one can live with him. He barks at you, talks nasty to you, throws things and sneaks and self medicates.

When he’s on a high, you still have a hard time living with him. He doesn’t bark at people as much but he still throws things, plays tons of tricks on you, and definitely doesn’t sleep much.

Sounds bipolar to me but, what do I know.

Right now, he’s up. He’s going to graduate from school and is doing an internship.

I’m so proud of him. He stayed on task and got through this course. He did very, very well.

He had some problems relating to the other students but, he controlled himself and dealt with the situation.

He’s feeling pretty good about himself as he should. Most importantly, he knows I’m his biggest fan.