We, Me & They

I’m a disabled veteran and mother of an ADHD child who is now a grown man. I love to write, write and write some more. Writing is the way I vent my frustrations.

Personally I don’t recommend people with ADHD children to have pets. These kids don’t mean to hurt but, sometimes they aren’t paying attention and something happens.

The pets don’t deserve to be therapy for a hard to handle child.

If you click on my Earth bound page you’ll find pictures of my earth bound kids, since the one that walks upright and talks orbits Pluto quite a bit, they keep me grounded.

This blog is about me and my son and how his having ADHD has affected both our lives.

Hopefully someone who is going through what we’ve been through will get something out of this blog.

I’ve been there, done that and NO it wasn’t easy and still isn’t.


2 Responses

  1. great blog! I’ll be checking back soon!!

  2. Have a nice day !

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