No sleep, no sleep NO SLEEP!

Tired People

First, let me apologize for the long lag between posts.  It’s not that I don’t have a lot to say, it’s because my health issues seem to get in the way.

It’s difficult for healthy people to deal with a person with ADHD. Can you imagine what it’s like for someone with their own issues to deal with these busy people.

My body requires SLEEP, lots and lots of sleep. I’m disabled, I have a whole laundry list of ailments that require REST.

When I don’t get that rest I become a maniacal predator who wants to gnaw on anyone that moves.

But my son, NO! his brain never ever shuts off. He stays up all night. Sometimes he stays up days at a time.

I realize that people in his age group tend to be night owls. They sleep all day and stay up all night. Then, they have the audacity to try and go to work or school.

I don’t understand how they are able to concentrate. Without proper rest your body becomes like that of a drunk. Disorientated, forgetful, and woozy. There’s no way they can think straight and be productive in a work-place or at school.

HELLO! young people, your body says it needs the rest. What part of that concept is not understood.

Well, guess what, since my adult son lives with ME and he’s up ALL hours of the night, guess who’s up too. ME!

Last night or should I say EARLY this morning, my son was up roaming around. He was slamming doors and cupboards.

He came in my room and asked  “Mom, what are you doing”

to which I replied “James, my eyes were closed and my mouth was open, what do you think I was doing?”

Then he asked “why can’t you sleep?”

In my household it’s a continuous battle to get quality sleep.

It gets so bad for my son that he self-medicates. He takes my Vicodin (I now hide it) then drinks a couple of Beers. Next thing you know he’s snoring so loud it scares the dog.

The next morning you can’t get him up.

I just read on the ADDitude website that they are now just understanding the link between ADD/ADHD and sleep.

These people who suffer from this disorder are insomniacs. Well, I could have told them that!

Not only are THEY insomniacs they make the rest of the household insomniacs.

Here’s an article on ADD/ADHD Sleep Battles

I love my son but, he’s wearing on my nerves!

Till next time…get some rest! I won’t!


3 Responses

  1. You have a lovely blog and absolutely cute and brilliant art ideas. Great collection must say.

    I am here for the first time and sure to be here for a while and be back often too. 🙂 Keep it going.

    Do take a peep into my blog when you find time too.

    jo jo

  2. I love my earplugs…!
    When I’m really at my wit’s end, I decide that I really am not bothered, even if the whole world would come to an end, as long as I get my sleep.
    I have these great earplugs (they’re yellow, soft foam, and they really shut you off from the world).
    Just love them!

    Sleep tight…

  3. This sounds really rough. Needing sleep but being kept awake by someone with ADHD. I don’t have ADD but I do have insomnia and have been awake for days/nights on end, many times. It’s terrible…

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