*Sigh* I Could Cry; He Never Stays on Task

I could Cry

It never fails! James can’t stay on task no matter what.

When there’s a bump in the road of life he doesn’t hurdle over it, he turns around to look for some place to hide.

I’ve told him over and over again. If plan A doesn’t work go to plan B and if that doesn’t work go to plan C. If you have to go through the whole alphabet do  it until you get to where you’re going.

My poor guy is so frustrated with school he’s depressed. All I can do is be there for him.

This is what’s happening; James (my son) enrolled in school to become a Certified Medical Assistant. He has gone all the way through the course and is about to graduate.

Now, he’s doing his Exsternship at some lab.  Feelings of frustration are piling up.

He thinks he knows nothing and is blaming the school. He says the school hasn’t taught him a thing and now he’s feeling inadequate.

Sure, he could be right. They school may not have taught him anything but, if his other  classmates are somewhat succeeding so can he.

Now, he wants to go to another school.

I’ve asked and pleaded with him to go get help. If he would go see someone they’d be able to teach him how to cope with the everyday pressures of life.

ADHD adults have a very difficult time in school and in the work place. These types of people are different.

People KNOW that they are different and don’t understand how their minds work.

They don’t understand that ADD/ADHD brains flip around  as if someone is holding a remote and constantly changing the channel.

I could just cry! My heart hurts for him. I can’t force him to do anything now that he’s grown.

I read at ADHD Central dot com that most ADD/ADHD adults NEVER seek treatment. They live their lives frustrated and depressed. This  is my son.

“Some adults with ADHD, however, have spent years going from one job to another, feeling as if they could never quite “get it together.”  Some have found ways to self-medicate, including caffeine or illegal substances.  Some live in despair, wondering why their life seems hopeless.” READ MORE

Today, he’s refusing to go to the lab. He thinks that they are treating him differently than his other classmate that’s there.

He wants to give up when he’s so close to being done.

*Sigh* I feel like crying…I really do.