Poop everywhere!or the wall that wouldn’t move.

I just read a blog by a mother of an ADHD boy. It was a younger boy of course but she wrote of how he’d pooped his pants and when she finally got to him he’d had poop EVERYWHERE! Oh boy! did that bring back memories.

All I could say is; been there, done that — poop here, poop there, poop hair, poop everywhere. I hate to tell her but, with a child like this, poop-o-sphere will be the least of her worries.

Drew’s ADHD became noticeable when he became school age. I know, I know, you’re thinking — yeah, these teachers wanted to medicate a normal active little boy [at least that’s the feed back I received] — but that isn’t how it happened.

My son’s God-mother, who was an anti-drug the kids advocate, broke down one day and said ” you’ve got to do something, he’s going to kill himself”

What had happened was; Drew was out playing in her front yard and there was this brick wall. Now remember, kids like Drew have tunnel vision, they don’t see or comprehend everything else going on around them.

He was running full speed and didn’t see the wall looming big as day, in front of him. Just like in a Three Stooges movie, he smacked “bang” into the wall and knocked himself out. We took him to the hospital, to have him checked out, luckily there was no concussion just a good size goose-egg on his forehead.

Of course the doctor wanted to know what had happened. When we told him the story, he’d asked a bunch of questions — “can he concentrate, can he sit still in class, does he jump up in class, does he blirt out, does he move a lot in his sleep” needless to say we said yes to all those answers.

The doctor advised us to have him tested for ADHD which, back then, wasn’t as popular as it is today.

I had him tested, not only by a pediatrician but, by the Blick Clinic in Akron, that specializes in Psychiatry. They confirmed that yes, indeed Drew had ADHD. I didn’t stop there, I got a second and third opinion, I wanted to be sure that giving him ritalin was the right move.

The feed back from family and friends was overwhelming, in the negative way. I heard it all! “How dare you drug my Grandson” or “A good spanking will correct his problem” or “You single mothers always want to drug your normal acting boys”

My way of dealing with the criticism was to keep Drew away from everyone as much as possible. Yes, I kept him away from his grandparents and other family members. I’m here to tell you “THAT’S NOT A GOOD IDEA!Socializing ALL children is important, socializing an ADHD child is a challenge.

They didn’t understand and still don’t now that Drew’s grown. But, keeping him isolated hurt his socialization skills which I will get into later down the road.

My advice to parents with ADHD children: Do what YOU think is best for your child.

Now, in 2008, there are different therapies and medications. You have the options of choosing one or the other or both.


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